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Nepal, a himalayan kingdom situated on south-east asia, is rich in scenic beauty and its traditions, customs, values, culture and religion. Annually, thousands of foreigners arrive in the country to explore its rich traditional art, architectures and crafts and to be baffled by the Himalayas, rivers, lake and gorges that Nepal holds pride of. It has skills and crafts traditionally transferred through generations which holds the essence of century old art and crafts.

We provide genuine and traditional work of art and crafts, hand-selected by experts and artist. Art and crafts listed in our e-store alone does not define the vast symbolism of the cultural and religious diversity that the art and crafts of Nepal holds.

‘’ looks forward to work with international supplier, enthusiast and promoter in promoting art and crafts of Nepal. We look forward to organisations, individual and corporations working together with, to spread the stories of the people of Nepal and the art and crafts that has made the country culturally rich.

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