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‘4 Harmonious Friends’ Traditional Thangka


Poster Colour on Canvas.
33.5″ X 24.5″

Hand-painted '4 Harmonious Friends' Folklore Traditional Tibetan Thangka.

Shipping Information:
Handling Time: 1-3 business days.
Delivery Time: 7-10 days
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Product Description

The painting is based on a popular story in Tibetan Buddhism, focusing on cooperation and respect on seniority. The story is believed to be told by Gautam Buddha during his travel in India. Background of the story is that once while traveling, senior monks in his entourage couldn’t get the shelter. To emphasize this situation Buddha used this story to disseminate the lesson to his disciples who failed to show the respect to the senior monks.

According to this popular legend, four animals a bird (usually a partridge or swan), a hare, a monkey and an elephant who lived by a large tree. Due to lack of respect among them there was conflict and they tried to sort this out by finding who was the eldest among four. They shared their age with respect to the large tree. Elephant remembers the tree as a grown tree, monkey remembers it when he could touch the leaves with his nose, hare remember as a sapling and bird remembers there being another large tree nearby from which it ate fruit and excreted the seed where the tree was. Hence, the conflict was sorted out with bird the eldest then hare, monkey and elephant likewise. Bird planted the seed, hare watered it, monkey fertilised it and the elephant protected it. Through cooperation and respect towards each other they could synergise and enjoy the fruits from the tree.


Shipping and Handling Information:
Product shipped in: Tube
Product weight after packing: 250 grams (approx.)


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