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‘Manjushree’ Vintage Gilt Copper Statue


Vintage Gilt Copper Statue Handmade
Craft Dimensions:
Height: 12 inches
Width: 8 inches
Depth: 4.5 inches
Weight: 3 kgs (approx.)

An old 'Manjushree' Fire Gold in Copper Statue

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Product Description

Manjushree – “ God of Divine Wisdom” whose worshi confers mastery of the Dharma, retentive memory, mental perfection and eloquence. Manjushree is also one of the forms of Bodhisattvas and he symbolies wisdom. In Nepal he is considered as the founder of Nepalese civilization ad the creator of Kathmandu Valley. His intuition told him of the blue flame on a lotus in the big lake of Nepal. He went there to offer worship, but could not reach because of the water. He then cut the southern wall of the hills with his sword. The present day Chovar gorge on the south of Kathmandu is the resemblance of the deed of Manjushree. The water of the lake drained to the south. The dry valley became the Kathmandu Valey.
He carries the sword of wisdom and light in his right hand and prajnaparmita manuscript “the book of Divine Wisdom” on his left on the lotus blossom. His left hand wil be in teaching gesture (Jnan Mudra). He is also called Manjunghose, Manju Bajra, Vajranga and Vagiswara. People believe that the worship of Manjushree can confer upon them wisdom, memory and intelligence.
Craft Specification:
Material: Gold Pated on Oxidised Copper
Dimensions: 12″ x 8″ x 4.5″
Weight: 3 kgs (approx.)
Shipping and Handling Information:
Free Shipping through EMS
Tax Status: Taxable
Product shipped in: Bubble wrap in box
Handling Time: 1-3 business days.
Delivery Time: 7 to 10 day


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